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The Regulation of Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law (“Regulation”) has been amended by Presidential Decree No:106 effective from the date of publishing which is 19.09.2018. In accordance with the Turkish Citizenship Law No:5901 (“Law”), Regulation enables foreign investors to acquire Turkish Citizenship exceptionally by investment ways as below: to make fixed capital investment worth

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The main objective of this article is to point out the regulations of health care services and health insurance available for expatriates in Turkey. The system of health care is organized by different plans and sections with various laws in Turkey. The main principle is noted in Article 60 of the Turkish Constitution stating that

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Foreign citizens should obtain working permit granted by Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services which is the competent authority in accordance with the law, as a condition precedent to work within the territory of Republic of Turkey. The conditions and principles to obtain working permit have been set forth at Code No: 6735 of

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