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About - MGC Consultancy

About Us

As MGC Immigration, we provide quality and result-oriented consultancy services to our foreign clients covering subjects such as acquiring citizenship, residence permit, work permit and company establishment with respect to Immigration Law.​

We carry out application and administrative processes related to foreigners and immigration law in the most correct way and provide attorneyship and consultancy services by representing our foreign natural and legal entity clients before institutions in the Republic of Turkey.


In the case foreigners in Turkey remain in the country after their visa and visa exemption period, they are required to obtain a residence permit. There are four main types of residence: family, student, short-term and long-term.


Work permit is the general name of the permits issued by the Ministry of Labor to foreigners who will work in their own name and account or under an employer.  There are four types of work permits available in Turkey: temporary, permanent, independent and Turkuvaz Card. The work permit also includes the residence permit.


There are thousands of foreigners who reside in our country or want to invest in Turkey applying for Turkish Citizenship.


In Turkey, foreign investors can establish all types of companies mentioned in the Turkish Commercial Code.

The MGC Immigration department responds quickly and effectively to all legal issues within the scope of foreigners and immigration law.

Regarding this area;

We provide consultancy services for foreigners in Turkey concerning the rights and status of foreigners within the scope of the Foreigners and International Protection Law no. 6458,

Consultancy and the follow-up of all procedures by proxy to obtain a residence permit suitable to the status and arrival reasons of those to obtain a residence permit in Turkey for the first time,

Provide consultancy service concerning the work permit applications of foreign personnel to be recruited by national or foreign companies operating in Turkey and carrying out these procedures by proxy,

Provide consultancy service with respect to the procedures that need to be followed by foreigners who want to obtain Turkish citizenship, and carrying out tasks and procedures by proxy,

Consultancy services concerning foreigners’ application in Turkey against administrative procedures and proceedings such as the restriction code implemented with respect to them, and the follow-up of these processes by proxy,

Consultancy services for foreigners wishing to acquire real estate in Turkey, and the follow-up of tasks and procedures by proxy,

Carry out procedures involving foreign elements in all areas of law, such as the execution of applications and the follow-up of the process concerning issues related to the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions.