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Ellex Membership - MGC Consultancy

Ellex Membership

MGC Consultancy General Comments Off on Ellex Membership

We are glad to announce that MGC Legal has become a member of Euro Latam Lex (ELLEX), an international network of law firms throughout the World.

Ellex is connecting 28 professional and independent law firms in 23 countries accross Europe and Latin America to eachother. Ellex is a law firm network that makes local representation available and help their members to provide their legal services in countries, where Ellex is represented, besides other opportunities such as common research, academic discussions and lawyers Exchange programmes. In this regard, we are also pleased to note that MGC Legal is the only Turkish Law Firm which became a member of Euro Latam Lex.

Our ultimate aim has always been to provide leading edge services to our Clients and we believe that this recent cooperation will thus be in the benefit of our Clients.

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